Jan 10, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year-2013

Now that all those Christmas shenanigans are over with, we can get down to the most wonderful time of the year: no family drama, no fighting crowds at the mall, just movie nights and pretty dresses.

The Oscar noms came out today, kicking off my busy season. Luckily, I made some good movie choices over the past few months, and don't have to repeat Oscar Season 2009 (so. many. movies. so. little.time.)

Two bits of Oscar nomination education before we get started:

1. Actors choose to submit themselves for categories. When it comes time to submit candidates for award season, actors sit down with their agents and studio reps and decide what they will submit their name for. So if someone is nominated as a supporting actor when they're the main person in the movie, it was their decision. Odds are, they thought they had a better chance in a "lesser" category, or they've recently won an Oscar for the big prize. So no actor is "snubbed" for getting nominated in the supporting category--they chose to be. (This rant is sponsored by a radio DJ who said that Anne Hathaway was "totally dissed" by being nominated for best supporting actress for Les Mis. Pfff.)

2. Best Picture is the weirdest category ever. No one nominates one movie for Best Picture, you rank your top 10 movies of the year. The movie with the most number one votes gets nominated, then the movie with the second most votes, etc. This goes on until they get to movies that have less than 5% of #1 votes. The least number that can be nominated is five (no idea what they do if there are something like 30 movies nominated that all get 3% of the vote, I don't pay attention to the rules that closely), and the most is ten. Since they started this system, the typical Best Picture pool is seven. This year there are nine. Mixing it up, Academy!

You can find the full list of nominations here.

My initial thoughts:

--Poor Ben Affleck. No best director nom for him. Argo is really a fantastic movie, and he did a meticulous job directing it. I think the problem with this is that Hollywood still sees him as a pretty boy actor who dated J Lo and happens to direct a good movie every now and then. Thus they're not taking him seriously as a director, which he's phenomenal at.

--The best supporting actor race is such a snoozefest. All of the actors have Oscars already, three of whom won in the past decade, two of whom won this exact award. Can we spread the wealth a bit, Academy?

--Poor Amy Adams. This is her fourth Best Supporting Actress nomination (Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, and now The Master) and I don't think she's going to get it this time. She's always great in a year where someone else is amazing. She's my birthday buddy, so I feel a special connection to her.

--I'm really looking forward to an Alias reunion on the red carpet, when Jennifer Garner (attending with hubby Ben Affleck) runs into Bradley Cooper (nominated for Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook). They were besties on Alias and reportedly good friends in real life. That's a Kodak moment I'm waiting for.

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