Dec 11, 2012

TV Tuesday: Toga! Toga!

I realize some things are only entertaining if you can relate (devil's advocate: The Hangover will be forever hilarious and I haven't had a crazy night in Vegas like that, yet)

However, I think everyone will be entertained by the (now over) ABC Family show Greek.

Yes, I was in a sorority and so I identify with some parts of the show--rush, the stresses of being an officer, sisters getting a little crazy at a party--but a lot of it is ABC Family classic over-dramatization of things (See also: Secret Life of the American Teenager, oy)

However, thanks to the joys of Netflix, I'm catching back up on Greek, and it's literally like being in my happy place. Episode of Breaking Bad got you down? Go hang out at the Zeta Beta Zeta house for a bit. Need something playing in the background while making Nutella cookies for co-workers' Christmas presents? How 'bout you do that while watching the CRU kiddos get crazy in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break?

Just saying, college only lasted four years, but with Greek you can at least take a trip down Memory Lane.

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