Dec 26, 2012

Holiday Jingle Jangle

This time of year, I start rummaging through the center console of my car (aka, the black hole of CDs) looking for any of the holiday CDs I've made in years past. Once I exhaust that search, I usually turn to my iPod playlist entitled "Christmas" (clever, I know), but there are a few songs on there that I'm sick of now.

So when I saw this bracket of the worst Christmas songs ever, I had to agree with most of it.

Christmas Shoes literally makes my ears bleed. The worst is when I'm in a store and don't have the ability to turn it off. Ugh.

I also hate many of the "classics": Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and Feliz Navidad.

But before you go and think I'm a grinch, I also love such goodies as Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time, Last Christmas, I Want a Hippopotamus, Chipmunk Song, etc.

Since I celebrate Christmas through the new year, I'll be listening to some of these jams throughout the next week. Yeeaah.

Dec 11, 2012

TV Tuesday: Toga! Toga!

I realize some things are only entertaining if you can relate (devil's advocate: The Hangover will be forever hilarious and I haven't had a crazy night in Vegas like that, yet)

However, I think everyone will be entertained by the (now over) ABC Family show Greek.

Yes, I was in a sorority and so I identify with some parts of the show--rush, the stresses of being an officer, sisters getting a little crazy at a party--but a lot of it is ABC Family classic over-dramatization of things (See also: Secret Life of the American Teenager, oy)

However, thanks to the joys of Netflix, I'm catching back up on Greek, and it's literally like being in my happy place. Episode of Breaking Bad got you down? Go hang out at the Zeta Beta Zeta house for a bit. Need something playing in the background while making Nutella cookies for co-workers' Christmas presents? How 'bout you do that while watching the CRU kiddos get crazy in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break?

Just saying, college only lasted four years, but with Greek you can at least take a trip down Memory Lane.

Dec 10, 2012

"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes . . ."

I've only met one person who doesn't like Love, Actually (and it's my BF, lucky me . . .). It's pretty much required viewing at this time of year. So I was happy to see a great article in Entertainment Weekly about the lasting power of this crowd-pleaser. Summary below:

--It didn't get great reviews when it first cam out.
--It only grossed $59 million (in other words less than half of what the last Twilight movie made opening weekend)
--Taylor Swift lists it as her favorite movie.
--The "cult of Love, Actually seems doubly remarkable given how bleak so much of it is." So true when you think about it: Liam Neeson is a grieving widower, Keira Knightley's new husband's best friend is obsessed with her, Colin Firth is cheated on with his BROTHER, Snape cheats on Trelawney, and Laura Linney puts her violent, unstable brother above her own wants and needs.
--The director gives all the credit to his casting director and people who gave him advice about casting. Which, when you think about it, is really what makes the movie. That and this:

Also, I will walk down the aisle at my wedding to this: