Nov 16, 2012

Here Comes the Bride(smaid)

I'm sorry, that photo will make me laugh for years to come . . .

But I digress. I don't consider myself an expert on this, but around my office I've become a bit of a source on being on the B team for weddings. While it's been made fun of in various movies, chic lit novels, and Halloween costumes, I have to say being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun and not at all emotionally scarring.

Thanks for making this look like hell, Katherine Heigl

That being said, here are the pros and cons of being a bridesmaid. We'll start with the cons to end on a high note:
--It can be expensive. Throwing showers, buying presents, throwing a bachelorette party, travel expenses, buying a dress etc. Just saying, save up now. And register your credit card with an airline miles program, maybe you can get your ticket to the wedding for free!

--It can drain your schedule. You're looking at least three weekends with some sort of wedding activity.

--It can be tough to put things into perspective: Unless you're married or have thought a lot about your wedding, you probably don't have an opinion (or a clue) about linen quality or the best price for wedding favors. So the wedding chatter can seem a little boring (is there a difference between ecru and off-white colored paper?) and make you seriously consider eloping when your time comes.

--It can make you sad: whether you think your time will never come, or are worried about how your friendship will make this transition, weddings can make you a bit wistful and mopey.

Things that are awesome about being a bridesmaid:
--Um, you're kind of a big deal at the wedding and reception. People will want to talk to you about the happy couple (b/c you're obviously in the know), bartenders will add a little extra kick to your drinks, and the photographer will know you by name.

--Primping like it's prom: Who doesn't want to recreate the getting ready fun times you had in high school and college? You can totally get a Facebook profile pic out of this.

--Quality time: you've been to a wedding where you get five seconds of time with the bride, just long enough to shriek how great she looks and take a pic with six other sorority sisters. But when you're on the B team, you're practically joined at the hip with the bride. Your memories will extend beyond the reading of "Love is patient, love is kind" and dancing to "SHOUT!" at the reception.

--The groomsmen: Ok, so I speak from personal experience on this one, but hey, if you're single, they're single, and you're spending a ton of time together when everyone's in a jovial mood, sparks may fly . . .

--The dress: love it or hate it, that dress will be a great addition to your closet. If it's stylish, it becomes your go-to nice dress. If it's not your style, I'm sure it can be revamped as a costume in the future.


Nov 13, 2012

TV Tuesday: Winter is Coming

Tell me a TV series is Lord of the Rings with a medieval twist, and I can't change the channel fast enough. Throw in regular decapitations, incest, and children in peril, and I pretty much knew I would hate Game of Thrones.

You know how that goes. . . I love it. I watched the entire second season (10 episodes) in less than 48 hrs. From thinking Peter Dinklage is the best thing ever to wanting a direwolf as a pet, I am head over heels obsessed with this show. Unfortunately, season three comes out in March. That's a nine-month delay between visits to Westeros and (ugh) Vaes Dothrak.