Oct 2, 2012

TV Tuesday: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts . . .

If you finished that sentence for me with "Can't lose!" then you are in the Friday Night Lights Fan Club with me--and where have you been for the past four years when I should have been watching this show.

I can't get enough of this show--whether it's loving the parenting from Smash's mom and the Taylors, thinking that Matt Saracen is cute as a button, or being much more interested in Panther football than real live football, and thinking that Tim Riggins is the most well-developed character I've seen in a long time.

The best thing about this show is how real it all is--the relationships, the conflicts, the dialogue. This should almost be required watching for high schoolers nowadays.

This message was brought to you by Netflix Streaming, my enabler in this relationship.

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