Oct 16, 2012

Oh, Six-Year-Old Me

Last week was International Day of the Girl (um, or something like that), trying to raise awareness of the plight of girls who are sold into marriage. Because of that, many high-profile women wrote letters to their younger selves. Since I am obviously high-profile (to my mother at least), I thought of the following advice I'd give to the six-year-old me. Isn't she cute? That was about two years before the first awkwardness set in, and also two years before my school adopted uniforms (coincidence? I think not):

Oh, six-year-old Laurel. You're kind of awesome. Life's pretty great right now. You're at a new school and, guess what, you'll be there for eight years and pretty much love each year. Although you will be very ready to leave when 8th grade ends. But for now, Go Panthers!

Now for the bad news. Glasses. They're coming. In about three years. Start talking up contacts right away. It'll take seven years to get them if you don't. And don't use your glasses as an excuse for things. No one else does.

Also, start to get into volleyball. This whole soccer thing isn't going to stick. But you'll end up being pretty tall and that makes for a great volleyball player. So start to pay attention to that. But because you're so tall, they won't have shorts for you to wear, so start shopping for new ones now.

I know you really want a dog, and, surprise! You're getting one next year. And he will be perfect, so just sit back; he's worth the wait and will become one of the dearest parts of your life.

And I'm glad you love visiting family in Nebraska! The farm is a little slice of heaven, and the family up there can't be beat. But I have one word for you: Runza. Start eating them now, not when you're 13 and Nancy first introduces you to it.

So sit back and enjoy Miss Mueller's class. Your love of reading that just started will stay with you for the rest of your life, so keep it up (though I know you do) and start reading a little series called "The Baby-Sitters Club", trust.

Catch ya on the flip side,


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