Oct 6, 2012

My Ultimate Bookshelf

Four Books

I actually take this one seriously (not that the others weren't serious too, I mean, I love cheese). But books have always been my thing--I love to read and became an English minor by accident. So to pick just four books is pretty tough. But here goes:

1. A Tale of Two Cities: This is one of those books you had to read for school and were completely blown away by. I read this first in high school and was struck by how this book had everything: romance, suspense, history, mystery. It's a little tough to get through at first, but then it's so captivating and literally one of the most well-written books I've ever read.

2. Bookends: One of my first forays into chick lit, and nothing has ever held up to it in my opinion. This book actually has substance and heart as it talks about life change, following your dreams, and maintaining friendships along the way. I feel like books like this are what made Emily Giffin start writing.

3. The Art of Racing in the Rain: This comes as no surprise to anyone who has talked to me in the past few years--I recommend this book to everyone. If you've ever had a dog or family pet that has been a member of the family, then this book is for you. But don't expect something as sappy as Marley and Me (which I also love), this attempts to describe what our pets think and feel, and it made me all the more happy that I had a wonderful pup for 17 years.

4. Pride and Prejudice/Anne of the Island: Yes, I cheated and picked an extra one. I identify with the main characters of both so much--Elizabeth Bennett struggling against the easy way out and putting her own happiness first, Anne Shirley taking risk and spreading her wings. I reread both books at least once a year and feel like I'm greeting old friends. Now what does it say about me that I identify with characters from the 1700-1800s?

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