Oct 9, 2012

TV Tuesday: Cheerio

Most people couldn't believe I wasn't watching Downton Abbey given my intense love of all things British. I have bobbleheads of William and Kate on my desk, I have a decorative plate from their wedding, I swoon at British accents, I would trade my U.S. citizenship for British in a heartbeat.
If you're in need of a quiet weekend in, go ahead and rent the first two seasons of Downton and thank me later. No matter what you're looking for in a show, Downton has it, and it all seems much more refined when you throw in titles and British accents. Then you get to join the elite group of people who are on Team Bates, clapped like giddy schoolchildren at the Christmas special, and knew that Mr. Pamouk would come back to haunt us. "And what is a weekend?"

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