Feb 9, 2012

Android Photographer

Sometimes it's easier to just share random photos from my phone than to think of a real post, know what I mean?

After all, a picture's worth a thousand words:

I really love my new leopard-print flats. Do I love that cost 10 times as much as the pair they're replacing (those were on sale at Payless four years ago, sigh), no. But they're fab and I'm a big girl now so I can handle the price tag a little better

Remember when you packed a little bag for school with all your important notebooks and erasers with unicorns? Well life has come full-circle:

Sure, now it has a water bottle, professional notebook, and Splenda for my coffee. But that PB sandwich is still an important component (FYI, that wasn't my lunch, I had a meeting to go to right after work and that was my dinner). And yes, in elementary school I didn't carry an LL Bean monogrammed tote, but still, the thought is still there . . .

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