Feb 27, 2012

364 days to go . . .

Of course, I'm referring to the countdown until the next Oscar ceremonny. The big show was last night, and it did not disappoint (I don't think I've gotten an acting prediction wrong since 2008). Below is my random grab bag of thoughts:

Hugo: I saw this the Monday before the Oscars, and while I thought it was good, I did not think it would sweep all the technical awards. Wishing I'd caught on to the Bridesmaids game and added "Scorcese" to my drinking game.

Nice knowing you, Harry: Nothing for Harry's last time at the dance? Apparently this is the most succecssful film franchise to never win an Oscar. I really thought that it would get something (Visual Effects? Come on! Were we watching the same movie?!). I know the movies are much beloved and will not be forgotten (althought there are a few I'd like to forget), I still wish it could add "Academy-Award winning" to the beginning of the series.

Octavia, you go ahead and cry: Two days before the Oscars, I was watching Legally Blonde 2 (it was on while I was cleaning, cut me some slack). At the very beginning, when Elle ends up at the VERSACE lab looking for Bruiser's mom, the security guard caught my attention. It was Octavia Spencer. She's always said she played every bit part you can imagine, but right then I stopped and said "She deserves the Oscar," Not just because she had small roles back in the day, but she owned the part of Minnie, and really stood out to me more than anyone else in that movie (sorry, Viola). Add the fact that she's been BFF with the director for 15 years, and she cried harder when thanking him at the Oscars, I was totally moved.

She even has a Sesame Street character named after her: My party guests can attest to my reaction when Colin Firth (ohhh, tangent, love him, not enough of him in this year's ceremony, so dreamy, swoon. . . .) read out Meryl's name. I think I let out a huge gasp. Don't get me wrong, Meryl is very talented, etc. I'm just so used to her losing. And honestly, haven't heared nearly as much about Iron Lady as I have about her past nominated roles, so I didn't think this was her year. I'm sad for Viola, though, because she doesn't get the roles that Meryl does, and won't have a chance to win one. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Sesame Street character is named "Meryl Sheep". She was a character in the 80s.

Now I get to take some time off of my movie addiction. Another year until you get to hear me talk about this!

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