Nov 30, 2011

Android Photographer

I'll do a "I love the holidays" post soon, but first I have to share some of the random menagerie of photos from my phone over the past week:

Noticed this little note as I made puppy chow last week. Nestle Tollhouse thinks a lot of themselves.

For the bachelorette party I threw for my roommate on Black Friday. This was either for strippers or to make change for people paying me for the hotel. You decide.

My first and potentially last ribbon bouquet for said roommate's wedding. Martha Stewart, watch your back.

Nov 22, 2011

Since we last talked . . .

A few updates:

--I added another medal to my half-marathon collection (bringing the total to two, don't be impressed)
--I found a pair of leggings that can actually be worn as pants (with the appropriate length shirt). Not that cheap kind you get at Target that when you push your hand up against the fabric, you can see your hand through the leggings. Thank you, H&M, for getting this right.
--I introduced my friend's baby to H&M. He slept through his whole trip there, but I think subconsciously he's obsessed
--I realized I don't have a free weekend for a month (no complaints though)
--I sat in amazing seats at the UT vs. Kansas State game, and watched the Horns lose. Just not their year.
--Discovered my favorite cider from Ireland in Austin, TX!! So much closer than the East Coast which was my nearest outlet.
--Began enjoying a beautiful fall, and apparently everyone on Pinterest is too, considering how many times this photo I pinned has been repinned (81 times):

Nov 3, 2011

Six Places

How do I pick just six?

6. Washington DC in the fall
5. London
4. New York City on pretty much any day
3. 3030 Daniel Ave. aka my sorority house. If we're getting really specific, Room 1, my favorite room to live in during my college years.
2. The mountains
1. The beach (Florida, California, Hawaii . . . not picky)