Sep 3, 2011

What's on My DVR: Royal Pains

Ugh, I feel like such a bad TV-show recommender. Here I am, telling you about a show that I love when the season is over. But if this gives you cause to catch up on the past three seasons and prepare for next season, then huzzah!

I started watching Royal Pains two years ago because it was always on at the gym on Saturday mornings. It's about Hank Lawson, a doctor with morals who moves to the Hamptons with his brother after he is fired for political reasons from his NYC hospital.

He and his brother, Evan R. Lawson, start HankMed, a concierge doctor service for the rich and wannabes in the Hamptons. Not only are there gorgeous views of Hampton houses and beaches, but the characters are genuinely real and interesting. Whether it's solving they mysterious illness of their wealthy benefactor or saving someone's life with a flip flop and bottle of Snapple, this show keeps you entertained. I even DVR it in HD, that's how much I like it.

So, now that season 3 is over, go rent the first three seasons and get ready for next summer!

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