Sep 1, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Dear New Balance 780s,

I have a confession. I was afraid of you when we first met. I talked a pretty big game before that day. I was going to be a Serious Runner. Pay money to run a certain distance with thousands of people with a piece of paper pinned to my shirt. Rip open little packets of fruit-flavored slime and suck it down because you're supposed to. Make playlists of my best jams to keep me motivated into the double digit miles.

Getting you meant that I actually had to DO all of those things. It's easy to say "yeah, I'm going to start running, but I need to get the right shoes." and just put that day off. But when I walked into the running store and Cory had me stand on one foot and walk back and forth several times, I knew things were getting serious. The fact that I bought not only you, but a pair of $10 running socks, meant that I was actually going to start this whole running thing.

We had some good times. Beautiful autumn runs. View of the San Diego Harbor. Finding time for the two of us on a business trip. And who can forget your shining moment--that cold morning in December when you carried me through 13 miles. You totally earned the month off I gave you after that.

21 months later, it's time for us to say goodbye. As they said at the running store today "it's time for someone else to get something out of them." I hope they know what a great running partner you are and that you get more fall days and pretty views.

Your replacements are a lot like you, same brand, just a newer model. Hopefully in a year I'll be writing them a letter just like this, but you'll always be my first :-)

~Your favorite owner

Disclaimer: no, I'm not obsessed with my running shoes or inanimate objects. But if you knew my feelings about running two years ago, you would not think I would have worn out a pair of running shoes. And when I brought them in to the running store today to replace them, the saleslady was very reverant about them. To the point that she tied the laces so I could take a picture so they looked "fancy and happy". And no, they didn't have a name.

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