Sep 4, 2011

10 Days

Every blogger has writers block. So I like it when I stumble across blogging challenges or lists (aka, ideas I can rip off another blog). This one comes to you from MCW at Saving the Best for Last.

10 Secrets (or Confessions)

1. I read Baby-Sitters Club books until I was 16
2. I really have to try hard to not correct other people's grammar and spelling in e-mails (and I feel like writing amendment e-mails to my own when I spot a word I misspelled)
3. For awhile, I thought I might have a long-lost twin sister.
4. I hold grudges for a really long time. It's not healthy, and something I'm trying to change.
5. Freshman year of high school was miserable for me. Like, make an MTV show about it miserable. I'm so happy the rest of high school or college wasn't like that.
6. My favorite place to nap is my dad's side of the bed in my parents' house. His pillow is the best!
7. I reject friend requests on Facebook when I don't care about what happened to them after we stopped being friends. It happens about once a month.
8. I change my sheets once a week, and it has to be before 3 p.m. so the sheets have enough time to "settle" on the bed.
9. I have the stomach of an old lady in the morning. The blander the food, the better.
10. I eat two Caltrate calcium chews a day. Calcium loss is serious business, people.

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