Aug 10, 2011

One Time at BlogHer . . .

-I met the Jimmy Dean sun
-Jogged in 70 degree weather. In AUGUST.
-Ate avocados (liked the first bite, hated the second)
-Met women who blogged about everything. Seriously. Even a woman who called herself a "marketainer"
-Stalked people on elevators and at parties to talk to them about my client.
-Learned that if you're "somebody", you either lead a session or don't go to one at all.
-Learned that companies spend a lot of money for elite parties with celebs and "somebodies" (You could work out with Bob from Biggest Loser or fly in a Navy plane and land on an aircraft carrier)
-Saw some incredible and over the top product placement

Yup, that's made of Twizzlers

--partied with a McDonald's bag on my head (you haven't partied til you've had a bag on your head at CheeseburgHer)
--Realized that blogging really is a full-time job for a lot of people that they take very seriously and passionately, judging by the amount of tears I saw this weekend
--was introduced to the Turbie Twist, and am OBSESSED (thank you, swag bag!)
--Ditched a whole lotta swag:

In case you're wondering, yes, that's a t-shirt with Benjamin Franklin on it. Still not sure what it was for . . .

--witnessed a flash mob
--Paid a pedicab driver $100 for 2 hours of his time
--Drank at a bar called The Tipsy Crow
--Got home at 2 a.m. to find a McDonald's cheeseburger in my purse, and my purse itself rather toasty.


  1. LOL on the cheeseburger in your purse! I didn't actually make it to any of the BlogHer sponsored parties, but I really wish I had.

    That is awful about your wine glasses :(

    Will you be going to BlogHer12 in NYC?

  2. I think I will make it to BlogHer 12!!