Aug 31, 2011

Finding Anne of Green Gables

I promise I'm not a total bookworm, but here's another post about books (and coming up soon, a post about my new Kindle!).

One of my favorite travel bloggers (who I feel like I know since we've Skyped and e-mail kind of frequently), Kristin Luna, recently visited Prince Edward Island, aka PEI, aka home to Anne of Green Gables.

I've read a handful of the Anne books--one of my favorite books of all time is Anne of the Island--but my love of PEI came from the Disney TV series Avonlea

Did anyone ever watch this show? It was about the town of Avonlea in the early 20th century. It mainly centered around the King family--sisters Hetty and Olivia, brother Alec, and their spouses and kids. I've looked for DVDs in the past, it may be time to search again . . .

Aug 24, 2011

End of Summer Reading Update

Well, barely a week after I share my obsession with my Borders Rewards membership, Borders goes kaput. Obviously that was $20 well-spent. And I'm now heartbroken over the fact that one of my favorite bookstores is no more. All the empty stores make me sad, especially my favorite one where I lined up at midnight so many times to buy the latest Harry Potter book. I refuse to support Barnes and Noble (they seem so haughty and unfriendly), so I am now stuck with Amazon (and my future Kindle).

But for now, an update on books that I've read, as well as some upcoming ones on my bookshelf:

Bossypants: It's times like this that I wish I was Tina Fey--she's worked hard for what she has and still has a down-to-earth and hilarious perspective. That being said, it's a book I wish I'd waited to buy because its not really one I'd read again. Anyone want to borrow it?

Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks:
Ok, I'm calling this one like it is--boring. And that makes me sad because it had such promise. I'm still not done (been reading it for two months), so there's a chance it could pick up, but, ugh.

The Castaways: My Vegas beach read, but was a lot more serious than a beach read typically is. It's one of Elin Hildebrand's many Nantucket-based novels, and an interesting perspective on a group of friends and the ways they're intertwined.

The Summer Before: Total guilty pleasure--it's the prequel to the Baby-Sitters Club about the summer before Kristy gets her "great idea" to star the BSC. I was so excited when I heard that Ann M. Martin was coming out with this, and it's really good and seemed to be written for an older audience (read: all of us 20 and 30 somethings who read the books growing up). My boyfriend laughed when I told him I was reading it, but I don't care . . .

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: book club book. About as silly as it sounds, but I have to say it was fun to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it (plus I feel like I learned a lot about how to kill a vampire).

Heart of the Matter: Emily Giffin must have been cheated on, or be constantly afraid that she's been cheated on, because two of the three books by her I've read have to do with cheating.

Up next on the bookshelf:

The Violets of March
The Year We Left Home
The Weird Sisters

Hmmm, I feel like there's one more I'm missing.

What are you reading?

Aug 12, 2011


This coming weekend is one of my favorites of the year. A group of 18 of my closest friends and I descend on a small town with a flowing river nearby and proceed to float in tubes, drink copiously, wear cowboy boots, have long talks on a huge porch, gorge ourselves on snacks and famous mac and cheese, and create memories to talk about the next year (thanks to waterproof cameras, nothing goes un-documented).

And, yes, we've got t-shirts.

Aug 10, 2011

One Time at BlogHer . . .

-I met the Jimmy Dean sun
-Jogged in 70 degree weather. In AUGUST.
-Ate avocados (liked the first bite, hated the second)
-Met women who blogged about everything. Seriously. Even a woman who called herself a "marketainer"
-Stalked people on elevators and at parties to talk to them about my client.
-Learned that if you're "somebody", you either lead a session or don't go to one at all.
-Learned that companies spend a lot of money for elite parties with celebs and "somebodies" (You could work out with Bob from Biggest Loser or fly in a Navy plane and land on an aircraft carrier)
-Saw some incredible and over the top product placement

Yup, that's made of Twizzlers

--partied with a McDonald's bag on my head (you haven't partied til you've had a bag on your head at CheeseburgHer)
--Realized that blogging really is a full-time job for a lot of people that they take very seriously and passionately, judging by the amount of tears I saw this weekend
--was introduced to the Turbie Twist, and am OBSESSED (thank you, swag bag!)
--Ditched a whole lotta swag:

In case you're wondering, yes, that's a t-shirt with Benjamin Franklin on it. Still not sure what it was for . . .

--witnessed a flash mob
--Paid a pedicab driver $100 for 2 hours of his time
--Drank at a bar called The Tipsy Crow
--Got home at 2 a.m. to find a McDonald's cheeseburger in my purse, and my purse itself rather toasty.

Aug 3, 2011

My Song of the Summer

I have to confess, this was a Zumba song, and I don't even like the whole thing, but I totally rock out at one part:

In case you were wondering, my favorite part is "Scuse me, Scuse me, I might drink a little more than I should, tonight . . ." Always good to be polite and give fair warning if you plan on being a hot mess :-)

Aug 1, 2011

Tea Partay

Last week, I re-discovered a YouTube video that I used to love. Smirnoff Tea Partay is the type of satire I know and love . . .