Jun 19, 2011

You'll Thank Me Later

Since I fly rather frequently, I'm lucky that I can catch a few Z's on airplanes. Whether an early morning flight for work or a hangover flight back from a weekend with friends, plane naps have been my saving grace more than once.

I had lunch with a friend today who just returned from a trip to Europe and, of course, had travel issues (as everyone seems to have nowadays). I asked if she at least was able to sleep on the flight to Paris, but she said she couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in and her head kept falling to each side.

If only she'd had my favorite travel companion, she would have gotten a great night's sleep on that 7 hour flight.

I put up with much teasing and judgment from my friends (including "I still can't believe you brought that." It's been six years, get used to it), but I will never go on a long flight (more than an hour) without my my neck pillow. It cradles your head perfectly, and once other passengers see you sleeping like a baby, their jealousy will be palpable (just ask my boyfriend, who didn't "understand" the pillow, until I graciously lent it to him on a flight and he now has his own).

So, 6 a.m. flight to NYC, 7 p.m. flight home from Vegas. Always in style.

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