May 11, 2011

We need to talk . . .

If Glee and I were on Facebook, our relationship status would be "It's Complicated"

I used to be obsessed. I was a full-fledged Gleek, bought songs almost as soon as they were available, kept all the episodes on my DVR (no matter how much space it took up), changed my Facebook status to a quote from the latest episode, and counted the days until a new episode.

Then the spring hiatus of 2010 rolled around, and the show lost something. There's the occasional episode that's funny, and usually a good song or two, but I'm now three weeks behind. (I'm currently watching an episode, well, half-watching).

I miss my old favorite show and songs that literally made me burst with happiness ("Last Name" with my sorority sister, Kristen Chenoweth, "Halo/Walking on Sunshine" mash-up, to name a few).

I'm not giving up on Glee, or the 5% of my DVR each of the episodes takes up on my DVR (I record it in HD). But it needs to make the "grand gesture" sometime soon.

1 comment:

  1. I agree to an extent. Some of the episodes were lagging. I think you'll like the Prom Queen episode, though. I found it pretty redeeming!