May 23, 2011


Texans love barbecue. Duh. However, thanks to my Texan-ness, I think BBQ sauce is an appropriate condiment for most situations: french fries, chicken drumsticks (dinner tonight), corny dogs (yup), etc. I don't get too crazy, I don't put the sauce on eggs or anything (hmmmm . . .), but you can't beat the delicious sauciness of BBQ sauce on something. My current obsession is with Stubb's Spicy Sauce. Is my mouth on fire at the end of the meal? Yes. Am I ok with that? Heck yes. Stubb's is an Austin restaurant/concert venue (yes, I saw a concert there this year, I felt so hip), but I bought the sauce before I knew that because it looked authentic on the shelf at Kroger. Can't beat my grocery shopping logic.

1 comment:

  1. We love Stubb's! It's awesome on pulled pork! YUM!