May 31, 2011

End of an Era

I can't say I was a huge Oprah fan, I didn't religiously watch the show, but whenever I caught an episode I usually enjoyed it. For those in denial or grief over the end of her talk show, a few parting articles for you:

Time Remembers the Top 10 Oprah Moments

Top 10 Episodes

I admired Oprah for shedding light on people who normally wouldn't have gotten any attention. One of my favorite stories involved a woman who lived not far from my family. She was dying of cancer and started videotaping advice for her young daughter, everything from applying make-up to deciding to get married. It was beautiful and I know that her family was comforted by Oprah's support after her passing.

There's not really anyone to take Oprah's spot, but maybe that's how it should be.

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