Mar 21, 2011

Should I be offended or what?

Hopefully I'll get to post a New Orleans recap (or what I can remember . . . the bf tallied my drinks for the weekend, and wowza . . .) but first I have to share my flight home with all, I hope this is still funny now that I'm sober and have gotten a decent night's sleep:

After getting to my gate area, a group of high school kids (about 30) bombarded my gate. They were all wearing different variations of a t-shirt for their marching band. Joy. Teenagers are a bit like hyenas, they don't realize how obnoxious they are because it's just WHO THEY ARE at the time. Like playing a loud game of Spoons in the waiting area is totally fine b/c you're having fun.

Anyways, I start to board the flight, and, lucky me, I board right in front of the group. The following conversation takes place behind me:
Girl: "So we're connecting in Dallas, how long's the flight? What's the time change?"
Boy: "I don't think it's that long a flight, like an hour and a half. For flights that short, I think the time change is only 30 minutes."
Girl: "Oh, Dallas is only 30 minutes behind New Orleans? Wow, I thought it would be more."
Boy: "Yeah, it kind of throws things off. Like it's 4:15 now, but when we land, it will be 4:15 in Dallas, b/c of the time change."

At this point, I am hoping they are joking and just seeing how far they can take this. Sadly, I hear them start to pass the word on to their fellow band members to change their watched BACK 30 MINUTES to accommodate the Dallas time change. At this point, whilst weeping on the inside for the leaders of tomorrow, I turn around and say: "Actually, there's no time change, between New Orleans and Dallas." This is met with blank stares and "WOWs!"

As they board the plane, I find out that while they are all in marching band together, they are in town for a robotics competition (height of the high school social ladder right there). I am happy to escape them and settle into my window seat, when one of the students sits in the aisle seat. An older woman approaches our row and points out that she has the middle seat (separating me and the high school boy), but she's happy to take the aisle if he wants to sit with his "friend", meaning me! Yes, she thought I, a mid-20s career woman, was with the high school kiddos. The student and I look at each other, and then I say "Um, I don't know him." She then gets embarrassed and apologizes, saying "Sorry, I thought you were with that group--well, we'll all know each other by the end of this flight!" Cue me putting my headphones in and sleep mask on. Best nap ever.


  1. Wow, aren't kids who are involved with robotics supposed to be smart? I'm glad you put them in their place. You probably taught them more than they’d learned in a week.

  2. I know! I really hoped they were kidding, but alas . . .

  3. Such a ridiculous, sad story! Fun hearing it again :)