Mar 6, 2011

Five Things

I read a lot of blogs written by people who all know each other. They meet each other in real life, go to each other's weddings, etc. I am not one of those bloggers. This isn't a jealous post--I don't want to join their group, but they do occasionally do fun "get to know you" posts where they tag each other, and I like to pretend I've been tagged and share these things about myself (wow, I hope that doesn't make me sound sad . . .):

Five Things I Can't Leave Without:

Contact Lenses and Sunglasses: I'm grouping these two together since they have to do with vision--I've worn glasses since I was 9. One of my favorite Christmas presents was contact lenses when I was 16. I truly can not see the world enough to leave without these little blobs of plastic in my eye (or, if I'm really tired or hungover, my glasses). If I'm wearing my contact lenses, I HAVE to wear my sunglasses. Thus I have my sunglasses always in my car or on my head. Cheap ones from Target are my favorite.

Chapstick (or lip balm in general): I always have at least three different types in my purse. Enough said.

My monogram ring: This is where I tell some story about how my great-great-grandmother gave me this ring on my 16th birthday b/c every girl in our family got one on their sweet sixteen. But the real story is--I like monogrammed things, especially since my name is hard to find on the average keychain rack. So, on spring break my senior year of college, one of the stores we shopped at specialized in personalized items. So my roommate at the time and I both bought monogrammed rings. I feel naked without it, and even though I now wear it on a different finger (hey, weight loss and winter), I still feel comforted by it being there.

My planner:
Ok, this doesn't necessarily go everywhere with me, but it does go to work with me each day and is the first thing I consult when plans are made. Bought and "designed" at Franklin Covey, I wouldn't switch to a PDA for a million dollars.

Hair tie:
One stipulation I've had whenever I get a haircut is that I have to be able to put it in a ponytail. I always have a few of these scattered in my various purses. Nothing is more aggravating than hair in my face or my neck in a hot Texas summer.

So there you go, feel free to quiz me on whether or not I have them on my person at all times.

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  1. Aw, the Destin rings- I've still got mine too, except I can't wear it right now- Paul seems to be allergic to it.