Feb 1, 2011

Musings from a Snow Day

I love snow, I really do. I love not having to go to work, working in comfy clothes, on my couch, with a Teen Mom marathon on in the background. But there are a few things I've realized about working from home on a snow day:

-when you hear that pipes freezing are a serious threat, your first thought is "will I still be able to flush the toilet?"
-you regret adding your number to the "Do Not Call" list, because you miss talking to live people
-while you realize that drinking alone is the first sign of alcoholism, it's also a good way to spice up your typical 10 a.m. coffee break
-The Hangover is always good background noise
-DVR is a lifesaver when a conference call conflicts with a Sex and the City marathon
-You can get lots of laundry done.
-You can clear out your DVR like whoa.
-Your boyfriend will only respond to 1 in 3 texts, b/c he's actually having a productive workday
-Egg Beaters in a mug are an acceptable lunch
-An 8 p.m. bedtime doesn't seem so crazy when you've been in your apartment all day.

Alrighty, I'm sure I'll have more to share since tomorrow is another snowpocalypse. Get excited.

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