Feb 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

So another trend on this blog (kind of like Throwback Thursdays, which I haven't done in 6 months, but whatevs), is going to be Guilty Pleasure Confession Time. Before you get all settled down for a Sex-and-the-City convo (and I mean when it was on HBO, not the edited version on E), I'm talking about guilty pleasures that are so silly, that when you confess them, you think that people will laugh and judge. But here I go.

I love shopping at Kohls.

Seriously. My favorite sweater is from Kohls. My guest bath towel is from Kohls (and it's my favorite towel! And it's only for guests! Bad planning!). My workout shoes are from Kohls. Some of my favorite earrings are from Kohls. I still get compliments on a sundress I bought there three years ago.But it can be the downfall of me I(and my bank account). I'll pop in for a gift for my dad and leave with a blender and heels (neither of which are for my dad, let me be clear).

Why isn't Kohls cooler? This store has EVERYTHING!! You can pretty much do all your Christmas shopping in one stop. So as the seasons change, and it's time to update my wardrobe, I will need to stop by my guilty pleasure and stock up. Care to join?


  1. Ha- I love that I opened this up right after I put in a huge order on the website. (20% off, free shipping all weekend!) Skirts, dresses, a couple tops and sweaters.
    You did not mention how AWESOME your college roommate was partly because her dad worked at Kohl's. : -)

  2. I was totes going to mention your dad, but then I couldn't remember what he did there (real estate?) and I didn't want to make it sound like he was a cashier or something.

    I do have fond memories of picking carts up in the Kohls parking lot with you to keep the brand standard up :-)