Nov 25, 2010

I'm thankful

It's that time of year, where people everywhere think of family, friends, and all that they're thankful for. I'm not going to run down a list of things that I'm thankful for, mainly because it's pretty much the same as everyone else's (although I will give a shout out to my North Face fleece that I'm wearing at the moment, it protected me from the arctic weather on a last-minute jaunt to the grocery store-brrr!).

I hope that this kick-off to the holiday season finds you happy and healthy, and that you get to enjoy the reason for the season and not get bogged down in family drama or the shopping madness.

Enjoy the snowflake cups at Starbucks, seeing your favorite holiday commercial, wearing that great coat that you haven't worn since February. Enjoy reminiscing with family about embarrassing moments, holidays past, and more than one cringe-worthy birth story (my aunt is a labor-and-delivery nurse, so this happens a bit more often at our gettogethers). Enjoy reliving the story of the birth of Jesus, which always takes me back to my elementary school Christmas pageants, and the miracle that many of us share.

I'm off to a family celebration, which will no doubt end with a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit while checking the score of various football games. Let's hope the onion dip I'm bringing doesn't spill on the ride over.

Oh, I'm DEFINITELY thankful for this!!