Oct 27, 2010

Dear . . . .

I should preface this post that I'm not in a bad mood or on a rampage or anything. These are just a few things that have bugged me over the past few weeks:

--gentlemen walking across a poorly-lit road at night in dark suits, please consider wearing those shoes that light up when you walk so I don't hit you
--nurse at my doctor's office: is returning a call so hard when I call during business hours?
--company that shipped $3,000 worth of damaged products to my client: yes, you will refund my money, enjoy dealing with American Express.
--neighbors who live above me: please stop moving furniture at 8 a.m. on a Sunday, or lose weight
--people who think "spellcheck" is a suggestion. It's not.
--parents of large group on children on my 8-hr flight home last week: candy? not the best snack when your kids are going to be sitting in a metal tube for the next 8 hrs
--customs agent at O'Hare--is there really a need to comment on how different I look in my 5-years-old passport picture? And then lecture me about women thinking that beauty is tied to their weight?
--front desk clerk at my hotel, I understand that you just started working there, but you should probably know how much a call outside the hotel would cost.

I promise I'm not grumpy in my favorite season, just wanted to get these things out there :-)