Sep 16, 2010

Falling into Fall

It's no secret that my favorite season is autumn. The weather is getting cooler, which is such a welcome relief from the heat of the summer (see my last post), the clothes are awesome (lightweight jackets and fun sweaters, yes please), the leaves start to turn and look wonderful (I regret all the times I complained when my parents took me on fall foliage trips), I could go on and on (and I will, this is the first of many posts about the fall).

You know how some movies you associate with a certain season? I have a few fall movies, and one of them I happened to catch at the gym last week:

Dan in Real Life

This movie is the perfect storm of what makes a movie awesome to me. If you've never seen it, here's the 10-second synopsis: Steve Carell plays Dan, a widowed advice columnist who is raising his three precocious daughters. They go to his parents' summer house to close it up for the winter with the rest of the family; along the way he runs into an attractive stranger (Juliette Bincohe), feels a connection, and then finds that she's his brother's girlfriend.

Ok, so that makes the movie sound SO typical. But here are my favorite aspects:

The Family

Part one of the formula for making me love a movie is a huge, crazy, but lovable family (see: While You Were Sleeping, The Family Stone).Dan's family has crossword puzzle contests, talent shows, teases, banters, and, at the end of the day, sticks together.


If there was a tour of houses featured in movies, I would take it (hello, Something's Gotta Give and The Parent Trap). This house is humongous, overlooks the water, has endless grounds, the doors are log-cabin-esque, you can roll out of a bathroom window and land on a rosebush. Just watch the movie. You'll love the house.

Without giving too much away, let me just say that one of my favorite songs plays an important part of the movie, and it seals the deal for me.

So, in closing, watch Dan in Real Life while wearing a fleece and eating candy corn. You won't regret it :-)