Aug 31, 2010

Surviving Summer

Living in a place where the questions isn't "will it hit 100?" but rather "how many 100 degree days will we have in a row?", you learn quickly the little things that help make the summer a bit more bearable. Don't get me wrong, summer is a great season--vacations, good movies, everyone is just a little more relaxed etc. So, in order to enjoy this great season, I give you my summer survival kit:

Sam Adams Summer Ale
I really can't explain what it is about this sweet nectar from heaven. The first time I had it, it was via keg, which makes everything taste better, but I can drink it like water. It's got a good, wheaty flavor yet also has a little bit of bite. You can only find it from April-August, so once you see it, stock up (it's made with grains of paradise--really!)! This is usually my first sign of summer. . .

Nike Tempo Shorts
When it's 106 outside, the question of what to wear is always at the forefront (or "how little clothing can I wear and not get arrested?"). For some reason, this pair of workout shorts have become trendy, and its now acceptable to wear them to everything (except a wedding . . . maybe). They're airy, soft, and come in a million colors (mine are the ones pictured). I wear them on planes, I wear them in cars, I wear them with green eggs and ham (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Jergens Natural Glow
Being a pasty white girl, I tend to dream about having a wonderful tan. Does that happen? No. I get massively sunburned (and look like a burn victim). But at least Jergens has my back and let's me even out my patchy sunburn/tan. Thank you, Jergens. Love, White Girls Everywhere.

Sometimes it's so hot that I'm not hungry. Solution? A little bit of heaven I like to call I Heart Yogurt (b/c that is it's name). Serve yourself yogurt places are popping up like mosquito bites, and I've tried a lot of them, but IHY gets my gold star. The flavor selection is awesome, the toppings are fabulous. My favorite concoction? Strawberries on the bottom, followed by birthday cake fro yo, followed by more strawberries, followed by cali strawberry fro yo, topped with sliced almonds (and yogurt chips if I'm feeling saucy). It's cold, it's (kinda) healthy, it's amazing.

Aug 11, 2010

Eat your heart out, Pottery Barn

One of my pals has a blog with her friend, Chicks with Time on Our Hands and I have to share this blog she wrote about, b/c it's hilarious.

Catalog Living

It essentially rips apart every Potter Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Williams Sonoma catalog. For example, why are there white apples in a bottle? Why is there a twig sitting on top of a pile of books? You'll never shop for furniture or home goods the same way again :-)

Aug 5, 2010

This Ain't No Pirate's Booty

I know it's been forever and a day since I posted (summer is my busy season at work, add in a few vacations and weddings, and I'm lucky if I get to check my horoscope). I promise a longer post is coming soon, as well as the return of Throwback Thursdays, but for now, I have to share this commercial/gimmick from Old Navy that is grossing me out:

Here's more thoughts on the commercial:

There are no words. . .