May 6, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Roller-Skating Parties

When I was younger, there were a few socially acceptable birthday party themes to choose from (that wouldn't land you in social Siberia--4th grade was pretty cutthroat). One was Putt-Putt (or Scotty's Golf as it was called in my hometown), another was a pool party (I actually went to one in January, granted it was heated, but probably not the best plan, we had a snow day two days later), the last being a roller-skating party.

The roller-skating rink of choice among my friends was pretty much everything you could wish for and more. It smelled like cheese popcorn. There was a smoke machine to create appropriate effects during "Ghostbusters". There were referees to keep you from going in the wrong direction or skating in a chain (but we were all BFFs and wanted to skate together!). Their snack bar was pretty awesome too--they used Sonic Ice before I even knew what Sonic Ice was.

Having a birthday party there was pretty special too. When your guests arrived, they put their gift in a garbage can with your name on it. You got to dance the Hokey Pokey in the middle of the rink with a balloon hat. You got to spend 30 seconds in this glass box with money and other coupons flying around (honestly, that was the best part). And if you escaped without serious injury, it was a successful party.

Sadly, the roller skating parties fell out of favor before I was old enough to partake of the "couples skate" (which is pretty much the height of romance). But thanks to shows like Glee, I can relive my roller rink days . . . (start the video at 5:33 for roller rink fun).

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