May 12, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Gaucho Pants

I admit I was at a loss as to what I should write about this week for Throwback Thursday. Nothing from my youth was really springing to mind. That is, until I read an answer to the question "what is the best or worst piece of clothing you bought on vacation?" One reader was brave enough to confess she gave up on a Audrey Heprburn-esque houndstooth shift in Sweden in favor of . . . gaucho pants.

Gauchos aren't necessarily very throwback (they were popular in college, which wasn't that long ago for me), but I think we can all agree now that we don't look back on that fashion trend fondly. I never hopped on the gaucho bandwagon, it may have something to do with the scene in Never Been Kissed when David Arquette asks (still-dorky at that point of the movie) Drew Barrymore what she's wearing and she tells him "gaucho pants" and then adds "I got them on sale." Like that makes it ok.

Gaucho pants fall into the same category as skinny jeans, leggings-as-pants, and short skirts with flats--they're flattering on approximately 4% of the female population. And they're really only appropriate attire if you're a yoga instructor or an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean. The number of times I saw gauchos at formal-ish occassions (work, important meetings, receptions with heads of state), was astonishing, and made me mourn for my generation.

(Here's the part where I point out that I am in no way a fashion icon, there are things I wore last week that I now wonder "what was I thinking?")

So, for those who are just now realizing that gauchos are over (were they ever really here?), welcome to 2010. For everyone else who shudders at the thought of them--we're older and wiser now :-)


  1. Ummmm totally LOVE Gaucho pants and still wear them pretty much everytime I am hung-over!!!!! Nothing feels better (ok fine....being nakes does but a girl has got to eat in public) then their soft, flowy fabric on the upset stomache. You better try them before the knock them......

  2. Caro, even you admit that you only wear them when you're sick or don't want to be seen in public. Would you wear them to a job interview? A Junior League event? Seriously, the things people wore gauchos to, trying to pass them off as appropriate attire, was worrisome. I don't judge other people's hangover clothes, b/c mine are my sorority "lounge pants" and a Hungry Girl t-shirt :-)

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  4. I'm a guy. As a guy, I admit that gaucho pants can be a guilty pleasure, primarily for making your booty look fabulous. What makes them loathesome is also what makes them sexy. I am one of a few to regard them as split skirts/culottes rather than just capri pants with flowing legs. They may be over in trying to make them fashionable. Ask most, however, and I don't think most girls care if they are fashionable as long as the pants are comfortable and fun. but they are still pretty lovely (and pretty sexy/flirty/cute on the right bodies) to me.

    So I'd obviously take gaucho pants over skinny jeans, leggings as pants, and short skirts with flats.