Apr 27, 2010

Maybe Vitamin Awesome?

This won't come as a shock to anyone who has hung out with me in the past month, but I've been on a kick that is surprising, yet addictive.

Everyone has their drink of choice when having cocktails. Or they have the normal routine they circle through--wine on a biz trip with co-workers, vodka soda out on the town, beer while playing putt putt (if we're talking about last weekend . . .). But lately, I've been craving (and thus ordering) something kind of out of character for me:

Literally, every time I'm ordering cocktails, all I want is Bailey's. I drank it at the hotel bar on a business trip, on a plane, at a mixology bar, and would have ordered it out on Sixth Street last weekend but I'm pretty sure the bars we were at didn't carry it. Does this signify some sort of vitamin deficiency?

And what's not to like about good old BIC? It comes in multiple varieties (love the mint Baileys), goes well with coffee, ice cream, or on the rocks. And it's dessert plus a cocktail all in one.

So if you see me on a flight next month, and I'm drinking the tell-tale liquor, raise a glass :-)

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