Apr 27, 2010

Maybe Vitamin Awesome?

This won't come as a shock to anyone who has hung out with me in the past month, but I've been on a kick that is surprising, yet addictive.

Everyone has their drink of choice when having cocktails. Or they have the normal routine they circle through--wine on a biz trip with co-workers, vodka soda out on the town, beer while playing putt putt (if we're talking about last weekend . . .). But lately, I've been craving (and thus ordering) something kind of out of character for me:

Literally, every time I'm ordering cocktails, all I want is Bailey's. I drank it at the hotel bar on a business trip, on a plane, at a mixology bar, and would have ordered it out on Sixth Street last weekend but I'm pretty sure the bars we were at didn't carry it. Does this signify some sort of vitamin deficiency?

And what's not to like about good old BIC? It comes in multiple varieties (love the mint Baileys), goes well with coffee, ice cream, or on the rocks. And it's dessert plus a cocktail all in one.

So if you see me on a flight next month, and I'm drinking the tell-tale liquor, raise a glass :-)

Apr 15, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Being an only child, I would often go back and forth wondering if I wanted a sibling. What would it be like if I randomly found out I had a sibling (say, a twin?) when I was like 11?

Needless to say, this thought was encouraged by my second favorite movie of all time:

I saw this movie right before starting the 8th grade, and I couldn't imagine a better start to the school year (it was my last year at my tiny private school, my friends and I were looking forward to ruling the school). Really, what isn't there to like about this movie? Let's start at the beginning:

1. Summer camp. Who didn't want to go to Camp Walden for girls? Aside from the game of poker that started out tame (playing for nail polish) and turned risque (skinny-dipping, the movie was way ahead of its time), it was all idyllic (even the isolation cabin was much more comfy than the 1961 version). What tween girl didn't immediately run home and eat Oreos with peanut butter? Trendsetters. (Although I'm pretty sure the ear-piercing scene with the potato is what convinced my mom I should never get my ears pierced)

2. London. Lon. DON. That's a million times cooler than being from Boston (and I have a ton of love for Beantown). Not only does LiLo get to rock a British accent, but we get to see some great London scenery while The Las sing "There She Goes". The scene where Hallie and Elizabeth reunite on the staircase still makes my mom cry. And we never get tired of laughing over the bridal shoot where they put the veil on a top hat. Hideous. But the movie wouldn't be complete without it.

3. The house in California. Now that I am over 21, living next to/owning a vineyard seems AWESOME. Yet I already loved that house. I loved Hallie's wardrobe, her room, Chessie and Sammy. Cornbread and chili. Essentially, I wanted to be Hallie Parker, let's just be honest.

4. Elizabeth boozes it up. Natasha Richardson (RIP) plays drunk verrrry well. I think I really hadn't seen a drunk person before when I saw that movie, so it was hilarious to me. And taught me that getting sloshed on a plane can be quite fun (Southwest Airlines also taught me this, those flight attendants have a heavy hand).

5. The ending. There was girl in my class who was the "tough one". She was kind of a bully when we were younger, but she never cried (ok, once when she broke her arm). She bawled like a baby at the part where Annie and Hallie say goodbye to each other. Even though I know how the movie ends, I was soooo sad when Elizabeth, Martin, and Annie get back to London and it's all rainy and they're sad. When Hallie puts down the paper in the library (wearing that awesome purple jacket) and Dennis Quaid strides in, omg, my heart melts.

6. The soundtrack. I've often said the way I know I absolutely love a movie--did I own the soundtrack? This was the first soundtrack I ever owned on CD (soooo cutting edge), and I know it by heart. I know exactly what part of the movie each song plays. Whenever the movie was on in college, my friends knew that could just turn it up and the soundtrack would lure me into the room. I also know the movie by heart, so I would offer to mute the TV and recite all the dialogue for them.

Sadly, I haven't watched this movie since Natasha Richardson died (too soon), but hopefully I'll get around to watching it soon now that I own it on DVD. Movie night, anyone?

(I was also pretty obsessed with Hallie's yellow duffel for some reason. If she could survive a whole summer at camp with one bag, it must be an awesome piece of luggage.)

Apr 5, 2010

Throwback Thursday (on a Monday)

As a child of the 90s, I was not immune to the phenomenon that hit every girl my age whenever a class birthday party rolled around. I'm talking about the Mini Back Pack.

You know what I'm talking about. It looked like a backpack, you wore it on your back. Yet it couldn't even hold a Barbie, let alone anything of worth (of course, at age 9, who really carried anything of worth other than some POGs?)

I sported two of such backpacks, one was larger (for those overnight trips) and purple, and the other was small (when traveling light) and dark green. Styyyyyyyyyylin.

Clearly, everyone is trying to forget these monstrosities ever existed, since I can't find a single picture of these as I remember them (maybe I can find one at my parents house somewhere, I remember carrying a salad in my purple one, it promptly leaked italian dressing EVERYWHERE)

Sigh, we remember you fondly, mini-backpack. . .