Mar 1, 2010

Paging Spring . . .

Confession: I LOVE the winter. Cold weather, snow (even though I don't see much of that), seeing your breath in the air, wearing mittens and scarves, drinking hot chocolate--I love it all. And living in Texas, it doesn't really last long enough. Thus, in December, stores start selling swimsuits. Normally I won't even deign to look at spring and summer clothing until March.

But I cracked. I have a busy spring with fun trips planned, so I figured I should at least start looking at what's out there. Of course, looking turns to buying . . .

I thought this was perfect for both work and wedding season that is approaching. This is where a cardigan is my best friend.

I love the color of this one and that it can easily go from work to play (swap out shoes and add fun jewelry, done!). Always important since happy hour in the spring and summer is almost a required post-work activity.

This dress was bought for St. Patrick's Day but is also going to become my go-to beach dress. I think I can even swing it at work during the summer with a jean jacket.

Next up: replacing the flip-flops that broke last summer. Le sigh.

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