Mar 17, 2010

Luck o' the Irish

With an Irish last name, a lot is expected of you on St. Patrick's Day. You definitely have to wear green (which luckily I own a lot of), hold your own at the bar, and spout Irish factoids and history on demand. It also means you're supposed to have a lot of luck. I used to actually think I had bad luck, or at least was always a victim of Murphy's Law. However, I'm taking a leaf out of Saving the Best for Last's book today, and considering myself a lucky Irish gal:

I am lucky because a restaurant that serves amazing queso and margaritas is a short walk from my apartment

I am lucky because I got to spend last weekend with some of my favorite people and they are all a less than 4-hour drive or 1-hour plane ride away

I am lucky because my parents are a short drive away, but even if I don't see them all the time, I can pick up the phone and have a 5 minute or 2 hour conversation with them.

I am lucky because my extended family actually likes hanging out together, especially when Trivial Pursuit is involved.

I am lucky because I have DVR now, which means my life and work-out habits are no longer ruled by Dancing with the Stars

I am lucky because I love my job and what we support; and my co-workers are pretty fab too.

I am lucky because I am sooooo close to getting a free flight on American Airlines, which I plan to store up for a rainy day/European adventure.

It pays to be Irish sometimes . . .

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