Mar 30, 2010

I Really Love . . .

While I'm sure some people like Sundays because they're lazy, a great day to grab brunch (which some call the best meal of the day), and a good day for a nap. For me, Sundays mean a bag of fun is delivered to my parents' house early in the morning.

I'm talking, of course, about the Sunday New York Times.

The Sunday New York Times doesn't have full-color comics (or any comics, for that matter) or circulars letting me know that "Something's Gotta Give" is now $5 (I turn to my second Sunday love, the Target circular for that news). The Sunday New York Times just provides me with the best variety of reading material, all perfectly-suited for a lazy Sunday.

I start with Sunday Styles, reading whatever pop culture and fashion stories are on the front page. I never miss the Social Q's section (I love a good etiquette question) and read Modern Love with rapt attention (this column isn't just about romantic love, they've had great articles about adoption, taking care of aging parents, etc). After this, I move onto the Holy Grail--the wedding announcements. Now I don't read these to ooh and ahh over Sally Cheerleader who graduated from Rollins with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. I look for the long announcements, that tell a story, usually a funny "how we met" or proposal story. The best one I saw was a couple that met while working on a Will Ferrell movie, Will himself was even in their announcement photo. I don't take these as seriously as Katherine Heigl in "27 Dresses" or Charlotte from "Sex and the City", but it's still soooo fun to read (note to friends, I'm happy to help write your wedding announcement . . . )

Then, it's on to the NYT Magazine. You never know what the cover story will be (usually something I won't read), but the features inside are fascinating. The "10 Questions For" is always an interesting read (like finding our Mayor Bloomberg takes the subway to work). I usually find a feature or two I like, but the money page is the last one "Lives". Someone writes an essay, usually about a time or aspect of their life. It feels like an excerpt from a novel, and it's a novel I wish I could buy. My favorite one ran almost ten years ago, but I hardly ever read the Lives section without thinking about it:

So next time you're in Starbucks, enjoying your lazy Sunday (I can't wait to enjoy Starbucks again, I gave it up for Lent and it has been rough), pick up a Sunday NYT (if you can find one, they go fast!). You might find a few favorite sections as well, and have something to contribute to the awkward Monday morning chats with sleepy co-workers.

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