Mar 7, 2010

Happy Oscar Day!!

For some people, the Super Bowl is the end-all, be-all. Other people totally dig the Indy 500 (why, I'm not sure), but for me, the biggest day of the year is none other than Oscar Day. From the dresses, to the cheesy banter, to the awkward acceptance speeches, I love it all. I consider myself a movie connoisseur (read:snob) so this day is my time to shine. Rather than bore you with my predictions (which are going to be lacking this year since I haven't seen all the nominated movies), I wanted to share my favorite Oscar dress of all time:

Hilary Swank at the 2000 Oscars. Randolph Duke designed this dress, and I continue to be obsessed with it. What a gorgeous dress to win your Oscar in (and so much better than what she wore in 2005 for her Million Dollar Baby win).

Good luck to all the nominees tonight! Maybe I can find another dress to replace this one in my heart . . .

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